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Inspired by the special moments in our lives. Real Gold and Diamonds. Designs that last for generations.

Jewelry is an expression of who we are.  At Serenity Jewelry LA, we strive to create pieces that are inspired by the many occasions in our lives- whether it be a new job, a new love or just because.  We work with master jewelers to ensure that each and every piece holds a special memory throughout the years.  Our creations are designed to be stand-alone pieces or paired with any style, casual or glam-it will bring the attention you desire.  All made with fine gold and diamonds.

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    Wearing Serenity Jewelry LA is a lifestyle. You are not only wearing beautiful elegant jewelry, but a piece of serenity to carry with you throughout your day.  Be at peace.  Be natural.  Be serenity.

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Designed to elevate your everyday life by transforming any space into a sanctuary of tranquility and freshness.