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At Serenity Jewelry LA, our pieces are designed and made with responsibly sourced materials.  



We mainly use 14K for our gold jewelries.  Why 14K?  Pure gold, 24k is not suitable for jewelry because of its malleability.  It is too soft to be used in most jewelries as it is easily scratched, dented, or deformed.  Whereas 14k gold contains 58% gold and other alloy metal mix which strengthen the composition and make the jewelry not only durable but beautiful.  You will see that all of our 14k jewelries are stamped with the “hallmark” signifying its authenticity. 




Our natural diamonds are all handpicked to be as brilliant and radiant as possible.  We use diamonds with an average quality range of F-H color and VS-SI clarity.  For our engagement rings, we exclusively use GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graded diamonds. Natural diamond color falls in the D-to-Z range and at Serenity Jewelry LA, we solely use the highest D, E, and F quality diamonds for our engagement rings.  For a custom engagement ring order, please click the button below.  We also offer laboratory grown diamonds for our engagement rings.  Using only GIA lab grown diamonds with the highest color range D-E and minimum VS1 clarity.  

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