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Serenity Jewelry Los Angeles is a jewelry brand born from a well-established store founded in 1981, located in the fiercely competitive jewelry hub of downtown Los Angeles.

The inception of Serenity Jewelry LA in 2019 began when founder Saori inherited the cherished gold jewelry her grandmother had worn. Needless to say, these jewelry pieces that marked the passage of time with her grandmother held a special place in Salori's heart. They were like charms, bringing a sense of inner peace with every wear. It was from this personal experience that the brand was born, with the desire to make high quality jewelry more accessible to a wider audience.

The name Serenity signifies "peace," in hopes that our jewelry brings tranquility to those who wear it. Serenity Jewelry draws inspiration from the vintage jewelry passed down by Saori’s grandmother, offering a blend of old and modern, sophisticated designs that are easy to layer and brimming with elegance. We meticulously select and work with ethical sources for our gold, diamonds, and gemstones, crafting each piece with the hands of skilled artisans. This ensures that our jewelry can be worn every day and maintains its quality, unfading through generations.

In this diverse and expansive modern world, Serenity Jewelry aims to accentuate your individuality and add radiance to special moments. Enjoy these moments while feeling the serenity within your heart. 





Hi, I’m Saori!  The founder of Serenity Jewelry Los Angeles.  


A little about me..


I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan and am a mom to 2 beautiful rescue pups.  I came to the US almost a decade ago to start my life anew and to explore what I wanted to do in the next chapter of my life.  


Originally as an avid yoga practitioner, I cherish the connectedness of the mind and soul to our surrounding and knew that LA would be the perfect place for me.  And as fate would have it, I met my now-husband whose family owns a jewelry business in the Jewelry District in DTLA since the early 1980’s.  As I learned more and more about the industry, the more I became enthralled in the beauty and authenticity of the business.  


Of course not everything was smooth sailing..  I had my ups and downs living in a new country away from family, learning a completely different language and culture.


And being far away from home meant I missed out on important things.  One of the most tragic occurrences that happened was my dear grandmother passing away. She had gifted me her old jewelry previous to my departure and those gold pieces of jewelry now held new meaning. They showed me how a single piece of jewelry could bring such a feeling of peace and comfort knowing that she was still with me. Unfortunately by that time, some of my grandmother’s jewelry had gotten worn and were not as shiny. After I was able to repair and clean some of these cherished pieces, I was surprised to see that they looked just like they did the first time my grandmother purchased them. And I knew that was exactly what I wanted my jewelry to do.


In order to deliver sustainable beautiful jewelry, I decided to create my pieces of jewelry with higher quality gold and stones to make truly high quality pieces. My vision was to bring a touch of vintage inspired, modern jewelry designs. A feeling of the past but with an updated look. And finally, in 2020, my dream of opening my own jewelry business came true.


My hope is for every customer to find their special piece of jewelry and carry that sense of serenity with them in their everyday life.  






Jewelry is an expression of who we are.  At Serenity Jewelry LA, we strive to create pieces that are inspired by the many occasions in our lives- whether it be a new job, a new love or just because.  We work with master jewelers to ensure that each and every piece holds a special memory throughout the years.  Our creations are designed to be stand-alone pieces or paired with any style, casual or glam-it will bring the attention you desire.  All made with fine gold and natural diamonds.






 Saori's grandmother and her younger sister during the early 90s