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The HIKARI Pendant (18k gold frame & 22k gold coin)

The HIKARI Pendant (18k gold frame & 22k gold coin)

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Special instructions:

●frame: 18k solid yellow gold, coin: 22k solid gold

●charm size (including bail): approximately width 25mm, length 35mm

●stone: natural gemstone (approximate diamond 0.06ct total) We offer the ability for you, our esteemed customer, to choose a birthstone to be set into the necklace. Whether as a heartfelt gift for someone dear or as a luxurious treat for yourself, selecting your preferred birthstone allows you to create a truly unique piece.

●made to order 2-4 weeks (If the product is in stock, it will ship in 3 business days)

※chain is optional

※Please take note that the color of the coin will vary slightly from the frame since it is 22k.


In the Japanese language, "Hikari" signifies light – a universal symbol of hope, purity, and clarity. The HIKARI Necklace, named after the kanji character found in Sally’s grandmother's name, embodies these very attributes, serving as a luminous tribute to a cherished legacy. This exceptional piece draws its inspiration from a beloved heirloom, inherited just before her grandmother's passing, signifying a connection that transcends the bounds of time. The original necklace, deeply loved and worn by Sally herself, captivated many who expressed a desire to own a similar piece.

Crafted with a genuine 22K gold coin from the prestigious Royal Mint, the HIKARI Necklace stands as a testament to history and excellence. Its surrounding frame, meticulously fashioned from 18K gold, mirrors the delicate balance between resilience and grace. This necklace isn't merely an ornament; it's a celebration of enduring beauty and the radiant light that every cherished memory holds.

As "Hikari" brings brightness into darkness, the HIKARI Necklace introduces a touch of eternal glow into daily life. It's an homage to everlasting memories, designed to shine through generations. By wearing the HIKARI Necklace, you carry a beacon of light, a reminder of love and legacy that gleams with the promise of hope and the purity of a bond that never fades.

This masterpiece invites you to embrace the light within and share its timeless glow with the world, making every moment a luminous journey through the past, present, and future.

Stock Number: SC0230


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